San Francisco Havanese Puppies

Havanese Puppies in San Francisco

How much should I pay for a Havanese puppy?

Why the difference in pricing?

The reason you are seeing Havanese from low to high prices is because there is a huge difference in the Quality of the puppies you are looking at. The adage, “You get what you pay for” is true when it comes to puppies, but only to a certain degree.

Back Yard Breeders, Puppy Brokers and Puppy Mills.

Less than $1200

Inexpensive Havanese puppies are usually raised in puppy mills or by back yard breeders. Puppy mills and backyard breeders put no thought into their breeding program. They generally haven't educated themselves about the details of breeding and don't take care of their dogs. Consequently they have unhealthy dogs which generally aren't registerable with the AKC. This is either because the lineage documentation isn't maintained or they are not pure bred at all. They might also be "line" or "inbred" which can lead to Health and Genetic problems.  Puppies that are born and raised in this environment are not held, loved or socialized.

ASSESSMENT:  Poor quality breeding and environment, health problems, not socialized. Generally these puppies can have poor health and behavior problems. We recommend you avoid them.

Reputable Breeders


The next group of breeders are reputable Havanese breeders.  They are educated and take details seriously when it comes to breeding and caring for their dogs. Most perform Health and Genetic testing on their adult dogs before they ever consider breeding them.  The dogs are raised in their homes where they are well looked after and get lots of tender loving care.  You will find the price of a Havanese puppy bred and raised with these standards will cost anywhere from $1600-$2200.  This group of breeders take dog breeding seriously and want to perfect the breed.  They use good judgement in determining which dogs to breed together to produce the best puppy for you.   Their puppies are all pure bred Havanese and come with American Kennel Club (AKC) registration papers.  They also give a written Health and Genetic guarantee which protects you and your puppy.   Many of these dogs have show potential, but are being sold for a pet price. 

ASSESSMENT: Good price for an excellent quality puppy. Will most likely have excellent health and good temperament. 

Show Breeders

More than $2500

The last group of breeders will price their puppies from well above $2200.  They are basically breeding dogs with the same qualities as the reputable breeder group.  The only difference is that their breeding dogs are being shown in competitions around the country.   This seems to be the competitive group.  These breeders tend to price their puppies higher for the same quality puppy as the reputable breeders. They feel that since their dogs have achieved champion status that the offspring of those dogs are worth more.

ASSESSMENT:  Higher price for an excellent quality puppy. Will most likely also have excellent health and good temperment.

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