Havanese Puppies in San Francisco
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We are Licensed and Inspected By the USDA

How much should I pay for a Havanese Puppy near San Francisco?

The ol' addage, "You pay for what you get" certainly applies when adding a new member to your family! Reputable breeders take pride in their dogs and puppies. They will spend more money on helping breed a healthier stronger and thus a happier puppy. The best quality puppy for your family is adopting one one from a reputable breeder who is licensed and inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture every year.

Prices have gone up over the years due to the increased demand for this awesome Havanese puppies. So, if this a bit too much, we suggest that you pick a different breed that is cheaper to help maintain the purity of this amazing breed.

So, if you are like me, and don't mind spending a bit more for your new family member, you will be amazingly happy with your new Havanese Puppy that will bring many years of happiness and love to your family.

1. Our puppies are registered with the AKC. (American Kennel Club)

2. We are licensed through the United States Department of Agriculture. (USDA Inspected)

3. Our Veterinarian inspecst our adults and puppies every year.

4. We are inspected by the AKC and the United States Department of Agriculture every year.

FYI: We are one of only a couple breeders in California, and may be th eonly one in Northern California, who have gone through the efforts of being licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture. We are proud to be one of them and you will see the difference in our puppies.


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