San Francisco Havanese Puppies

Havanese Puppies in San Francisco

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The Steps We Take To Deliver to you the Best Havanese Puppy possible:

  1. We love and socialize your puppy
  2. We only Breed Pure Bred AKC Havanese Puppies
  3. We are Licensed and Inspected yearly by the United States Government (There are only a few breeders in California with this special license)
  4. We even have our Veteriniarian visit our home and review our program and examine our puppies each year.

If that is not enough, we don't know what is! Give us a call.


Five Easy Steps to adopting a happy and healthy puppy:

  1. Contact us and we will send current photos of our litter.
  2. Respond with any questions you may have or give us a call.
  3. Choose a puppy.
  4. We invite you to our home to choose and pick up your puppy.
  5. Our puppies are well socialized with our family and raised in our home. We give you a written health and genetic guarantee.
  6. Your puppy will be a pure bred puppy and registerable with the American Kennel Club AKC.
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