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Last month some one that wanted one of our adorable puppies waited one day too long and lost out on their adorable choice. So, if you find a Havanese puppy that you like, don't hesitate to reserve him or her.

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Five easy steps to adopting a happy and healthy puppy:

  1. Ask to see the parents.

  2. Ask for health testing and to see the pedigree to insure the Havanese puppy is apure bred.

  3. Choose a Havanese breeder who socializes their Havanese puppies in their home and will invite you into their home.

  4. Purchase a Havanese puppy from a Havanese breeder who gives you a written health and genetic guarantee and whose dogs are registered with the Ameircan Kennel Club AKC.

  5. Choose a Havanese puppy who is up to date on their shots and has been examined by a licensed Veterinarian.



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