San Francisco Havanese Puppies

Havanese Puppies in San Francisco

Havanese Puppies in San Francisco

If you would like to speak with someone in San Francisco or nearby that has purchased a puppy from us, please let me know and we will send you some names and numbers.

for sale in california

Thank you for such a beautiful well socialized puppy. He now lives in San Francisco California.

havanese pupp in california

We just love Poncho and he loves living in California


havanese in new york

It was a very Merry Christmas for this Havanese in New York.

havanese in oregon

All the other Havanese puppies in Oregon are jealous of our little Rascal! Thank you for blessing our family. From the Happiest Havanese in Portland Oregon.

havanese in florida

This is our happy Havanese puppy in Florida.

havanese puppies living in sacramento california

Another perfect havanese puppy in San Diego California. They don't get much better than this!

havanese breeders in california

This little pied Havanese in California lives with the Johnson family.

havanese in texas

Our little Havanese girl never stops making us smile. Thank you, John and Mary in Texas,

california havanese puppies

When we searched for Havanese puppies in California, we didn't think we would find our dream puppy.

havanese puppies living in california

Our little cream and chocolate havanese is the best pet we have ever had. Living in San Francisco California.

san francisco havanese puppy

Our wonderful chocolate Havanese puppy resides in New Mexico.

new york havanese

When we saw his picture looking at us with those beautiful almond eyes we just had to take this havanese to New York.


What a wonderful puppy. 'Striper' is my husband best fishing buddy in California.

for sale in san francisco

This little black havanese from our california breeder is the most adorable puppy in the world. Just look at him! He is simply irrisistable. Living in San Francisco.

for sale in nevada

Our havanese puppy lives in Nevada with us.

for sale in oregon

Spunky and cool. He just lives to be loved. He's the best Havanese in Oregon.

for sale in boston

This little havanese in Georgia is not much bigger than a soup can!

for sale in san francisco

Another beautiful Havanese puppy in San Francisco California

for sale in california

An absolutely perfect Havanese puppy in San Diego California.

living in california

Inquisitive and a fast learner, this Havanese puppy in Phoenix Arizona loves his new home.

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