Havanese Puppies in San Francisco
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Common Questions and Answers:

Do you have a Health and Genetic Guarantee?

YES. Even though a pure bred Havanese puppy has fewer health problems then most, they do occasionally occur.

Can I raise a puppy if I'm gone during the day?

Yes, as long as provisions of food and water are made available to the puppy and a place to run and exercise because you wouldn't want to leave him in his crate that long.

How big will a Havanese puppy be when full grown?

We breed for the AKC standard. So your puppy should be between 8 and 12 pounds full grown. Of course other factors besides genetics come into play here, specifically how much you feed your Havanese from the table!

Are Havanese puppies good with other animals and children?

Havanese are naturally calm and sweet natured. They get along with all other animals big or small. As for children, the Havanese are not weak or fragile. They were at one time used in circuses and for herding consequently they are the perfect pet for children!

Are Havanese hypoallergenic?

Havanese do not shed nor do the they have dander. This is the reason that most people who have allergies find the Havanese the perfect pet.

Are your dogs health tested?

Yes, are dogs and your puppy go through quite the examination to optimize their health.

How Much Do Puppies Cost?

There is a wide price range when it comes to puppies. The price depends on the health of the puppy, the genetics, breeding controls, testing, health of the parents, how many dogs the breeder has, how old the puppy is and how desperate the breeder is to sell the puppy just to mention a few. You pay for what you get when it comes to this breed.

How old should a puppy be when it goes to its new home?

Puppies wean from their mothers at 6 weeks old and by the time they are 8-10 weeks old they are old enough to go to their new homes. However, it is wise for them to spend up to the next two weeks socializing with their litter mates.

Are your dogs Pure Bred and registered with the American Kennel Club?

Yes, our dogs, and their puppies are pure bred and the litter your puppy came from is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Where are you located?

We are located in Auburn California about 30 minutes above Sacramento. Over the past 20 years we have shipped puppies all over the United States. We only ship on passenger planes and have never had a problem. We feel that the puppies are very well looked after.


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